Workshops serve as a bridge between industry players who wish to raise awareness of their role in the industry amongst students seeking to be a part of it. As we selectively build up and curate our diverse portfolio of partners, we develop a solid programme for alternative education on the different approaches organisations take to provide startup support.

The Venture Capital Investment Competition is an adaptation of a model carried out at top business schools for non-MBA by organising London’s first undergraduate-centric investment competition for budding venture capitalists. Participants take on the roles of a VC firm and conduct live analysis of actual start-ups before presenting to a panel of judges drawn from the industry. With the backing of the BVCA, we are proud to have this as our flagship event for founding year.

And more! Advisory services and partner attachments are amongst the main ideas that guide the foundations we are laying in the present. As a nascent organisation, ultimately the diversity of the opportunities that we present is dependent heavily on the people we engage in the mid-term. If you are an organisation that is interested in our potential or an individual with a particular set of skills, do drop us a mail.