As an EXECUTIVE – Hot young bloods; fresh onto the scene and raring to go. Accelerate your career capital in the dynamic startup industry by building a wealth of skills and connections through the organisation of our programmes and partners. Look forward also to exclusive training within our overall committee that comes from a wide range of disciplines and universities.

As a DIRECTOR – Specialists with a set of highly sought after skills; we provide the option of giving full play to their potential as you head your own specific department or project. As a young organisation, we can do many things and we look to you to have a hand in the collective shaping of this landscape.

As a PARTNER – Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, Incubators, Angels and Firms, lend us your ears! If you wish for the next-generation of startups and teams to have a sound understanding of the support they can rely on in their quests, do drop us an email and we will promptly attend to your individual needs and interests.

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Applications for the annual year of 2015-2016 have been closed. We look forward to your application next year!